Masters athlete 3 or 4 week cycle

Not sure if in the appropriate category… anyways.

Purchased the road and crit racing plan. I’m 58 and familiar with a 3 week (2 on/1 off) training cycle due to suggested loading for masters aged athletes. The purchased plan looks to be setup for a 4 week cycle (2 on and 1 off). Please comment on following FtFP or modification per my age group. Thanks.

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Hi Russ - I presume you purchased the intermediate but I/we designed these as 3 week on 1 week off, on purpose. So its a #FtFP but you are robust enough and the plan was designed well enough that 3 weeks ON 1 week OFF is appropriate.

Thanks - you can also edit your plan if you’d like, here’s a training tip explaining how (in TrainingPeaks)

Got it. Thanks!! I’ll keep as FTfP.

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Cool - yea, but the reason I included the how to edit your plan link, is if you get to the point where you need a rest week, you can edit the plan to do so. But only if you are really really tired and having trouble hitting your wattages… I doubt that will happen tho!