Making everything Fit

I was was emailing with coach Jake and he recommended I post here so I can have a thread started!

I am currently finishing up the weights and base plan and will be moving into the collegiate plans after I finish! I am running into an issue of it not lining up with my collegiate schedule and I am trying to balance following the plan closely and attending my races. I was wondering if you could tweak the plans so I can maximize my training along with my racing performance!


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Awesome. Started to look at your plan and see all the races, spring break and etc! So you are basically all set up till the regeneration week the week of February 10th.

What is your travel days like for the collegiate racing? Some travel all day Friday and have little time to train. So this would be an off day as opposed to an openers day. It actually works fin as you can do a good warm up before the first race and be all set. This way you are not stressed about getting in a ride.

For more important key races like home race, conference championships and nationals we will have more rest and the openers.

I also am putting in some longer rides during your spring break time. I also had to move up a regeneration week for you.

Again I will continue to work on this as I know more about your travel plans. But you are set for the next several weeks.

Thank you so much for handling this for me! Because of class schedules we typically travel on Friday evenings so I will definetly have time to do openers in the morning before I leave!

Thank you again!

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Cool! Sounds good. I will have you squared away. Good luck this season and if anything comes up let me know.

Are the courses for nationals out yet? In the next 6 weeks we can look at maybe adding a a few specific workouts for nationals based on the courses. Really just thinking road race, unless there is a hill in the criterium which you would want some more longer anaerobic efforts based on it’s duration.

Nothing is released yet but I would assume they’re going to be similar if not the same as last year. As of right now Im only able to do the Time Trial, but after a successful season racing category B last year, Im hopefully optimistic that I will be in Category A (and thus able to do the RR and Crit as well) by the time they roll around.
I figure that if I don’t qualify, there are plenty of other fairly big races around me that I can use the peak for!

Absolutely! You will go into the summer really fit, fast and ready to crush it! Also then we will want to make sure to keep up with the TTT workouts.