Major Injury Recovery

What is the best approach and fastest approach for recovery after hip replacement surgery do to broken femur to get back up to race power? I’m still working back to pre accident power after a month of recovery. Should I go back to zone 2 training or jump into the sweet spot or just go into race preparation without the base?


Tough question to answer here in a forum, @kkgillas because we’d need to ask you several back n forth questions about your injury and then honestly take it one day at time, monitor, asses and plan forward -

We’d also want to know the timing of your goals, review your data - for example how much is your power down, and get an understanding of what you’re able to do.

All reasons to get back with Coach @zach - this is when having a coach to guide you back from injury is invaluable.

Thanks for the response @FRANK! I have shared a couple of texts with @zach and we will keep this off of the form. But it is an interesting subject of recovery after major injury and what results people have. Nobody seem to knows what the recovery time is for injuries.