Loudoun 1725 Gravel Grinder

Hello. I’m prepping for the following race:

https://www.ex2adventures.com/loudoun-1725-gravel-grinder/ (80 miles, 4951 ft, steepest grade, 7.9%)

I purchased the Gravel Grinder (6 week advanced) - Hilly last year in preparation for DK 200. While I successfully finished, especially given that it was my first organized race, I recognize that additional training will help me finish in less time. I need to become better at climbing, which I think will be a combination of technique (gearing and effort given FTP) and training.

A recent field test suggests 195-200 FTP. Overall, my fitness is off (from DK training 10-15h/week) given that I am returning to cycling after a ramp down November-mid-Jan. I’m averaging about 5 h/week right now. I did complete a 50 mile/3K elevation race mid-Feb., which confirmed that I need more time in the saddle.

My goal is to increase my weekly training time from 5-6h / week with 1-2 Interval or SST sessions followed by a Z2 ride on Zwift to 8-10 h / week by 4/22 (when 6 week hilly kicks in)?

Please propose 1+ programs that will help me achieve a successful outcome.


Hi Kevin!

We recommend our sweet spot part 3 for when you are racing soon but need more base

and then our hill climbing intervals to improve your climbing power: