Long Ride - set new 20min power

In the marathon plan following the 23wk base, doing the 5 hr ride I felt extremely good and dropping riding partners. Turns out I set a new 20min avg power, I believe you mentioned when this occurs to reset your ftp based on this new number. I am curious if you would reset at this point? A followup question would be, does a person anticipate since this was a very long ride that the ftp test would’ve likely been higher with a focus on the test?

Fwiw I didn’t test going into the marathon plan as once completing the base I did Rule of 3 race, and another XC race immediately choosing to taper into these events.

So believe I’ve answered my question, I’d reset my ftp now and keep on training.

Battling injuries and illness the last few years. Nice to see an improvement after this work.


Everyone has those “magic legs days” occasionally, so keep your perspective and understand that whatever you do in adjusting your training ranges, being able to continue to complete your workouts is paramount. Progress is not linear. We all have periods of levelling and then others when we spurt ahead.

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