Long hill climbs

I’m preparing for a Lotoja relay, and I’m doing both climbing legs, so 93 miles and almost 6000 elevation. This will be a big feat for me. I’m wondering what the best prep will be for the next 6 weeks. My ctl is a solid 77.
I have the hill climbing intermediate plan, will that be my best bet?
Also, pacing for hour long climbs, curious what others do and recommend … tempo, SS, or some animals take it at threshold?

Hey @lindsay.marx !
The climbing plan is absolutely the way to go. That plan will progressively increase the duration for which you are climbing in tempo, SS and threshold and will prepare you to crush the climbs!

One suggestions to make that plan the perfect fit for you would be to use your Saturday rides in weeks 4 and 5 as simulation rides for your two stages. Ideally you would go and ride the course, but if that is not possible go out and find a climb with a similar grade and distance.

Also since that event is in ~7 weeks I would suggest applying that plan to your calendar today and that way you ~ 10 days to taper into the event.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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