Legs more sore in the morning

Hi guys,

Just thought I would ‘put it out there’… following a hard session or long ride or consecutive days on the bike everyone gets sore. I have noticed I am ‘more sore’ in the morning while my legs have been horizontal for 6-10 hours. The catch is on several occasions I have modified my training or used rest on these days only to find my legs feel a lot better once I am 1-2 hours on my feet.

Can anyone relate and is this common?


Its like doing a proper warm up on the bike. You have to get the muscles moving, blood flowing and etc. You wouldn’t have your best time trial just rolling off the coach and going full gas. Have to get the body warmed up.

It’s also like how you feel really sore before you start a ride but 10 - 15 minutes in you feel a lot better. The hardest minutes in training can be the 5 minute before and first 10 minutes. Just need to get on the bike and start pedaling sometimes.

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Let’s take this a step further. Sore when you get out of bed in the morning. Sore after sitting for more than 5 minutes. Sore 20 minutes after post ride stretching or Yoga. Essentially sore all the time except when riding (after warmup) or immediately after Yoga, workout, or stretching.

Sometimes this is a lack of nutrition/fueling. Are you properly fueling workouts prior to starting? Do you get in a recovery meal after workouts?

Yoga wise, I’ve found the legs up the wall pose to be very helpful in the morning and post-ride.

Foundations (Dr. Eric Goodman) also seems to help quite a bit for my recovery.

Finally, respectfully I’m not sure how old you are, but some of it just could be an age/volume thing. Not sure what the coaches would say but maybe you can try dialing back some of the volume in favor of recovery.

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Lol. You can say “Finally, you sound like an old F…” :slight_smile: You won’t hurt my feelings. And yes, a lot is age. 54.

@chrisschmiedeke - you are sore from the running!

Training for cx running, and jumping brings the soreness. We do it now to bank the benefits so we can remove it from your training in July & August so that you cam make BIGger and better watts .

Unless you are talking about soreness from pre cx run training?

I am pretty much sore everyday. Some is old age probably. It is kind of normal for me. Been like this for years and years. However, once I am up and warmed up, I am 100% so I really have never pursued anything in depth in terms of resolution.

Now some days I am REALLY sore like after running or first times lifting weights. The other days are more like old man hobbling around when I first stand up.

Lol. I’m not all that far off from you, which is why I mentioned it. :slight_smile: Cheers!

What about after your rest weeks? Same soreness or does it resolve after a good 5-6 days of reduced training?

The soreness I’m referring too is where I might do a hard ride Tuesday, feel ok from the hours of 12 pm to 10pm the following 2 days but still feel fatigue in the mornings of Wed, Thu and sometimes Fri with not much riding in between.

It just seems lying horizonal in bed for extended periods brings on soreness.

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TGIF - I was thinking about this thread and soreness as it relates to recovery. Recovery is one of those things that isn’t one thing - it the combination of several things that together can make a difference.

That’s what Team Sky calls marginal gains (PR spin for ___ reasons) but what we coaches call it is an Endurance Lifestyle - the way you live 24/7/365 influences your recovery and possibly, maybe , won’t know until you try - alleviate that chronic muscle soreness.

The #1 recovery tool I’m talking about is sleep. If you are not getting 7.5 - 9 hours of sleep each night you are not recovering as well as you could. Stop right here an focus on your sleep before you go buy anything and/or question your training. Wise coach once told me, "there is no such thing as overtraining because it’s usually ‘under-recovery’. He also liked to quote Yoda with regards to training: 'do or do not, there is no try :flushed:

After 8 hours of sleep each night, consistently for weeks and weeks and months and months look at what you eat. Nutrition - high octane fuel because you are a Ferrari.

Next up is massage. Super beneficial but not possible right now. 2 substitute - sit on the floor and put your feet up the wall inverted for 30-60 minutes. Let all the blood and lymph drain via gravity.

An up level from that is the Normatec Space legs.

Then Yoga - the hip mobility, twisting, core, balancing will put tens years back on your sore body.

Fore more on recovery read , watch and listen to this - its includes cryotherapy and float tanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks Frank.

We did have a baby late Feb so sleep has been interrupted. It has been comprised.

This baby has cost me power in the wattage cottage.