Leg curls or deadlifts?

Having a hard time getting good quality on leg curls as I have no machine available in the gym. doing cable one legged curls on rack but feels a bit uncontrollable and cant get power into it. Likeso with the lying down on your belly with bands hooked on your feet .

Can i do deadlifts as an alternative or is it the knee bend that is the most important factor here?

I see people pointing at ham raise and kettlebell swings as alternatives too


I would go with the kettlebell swing over the ‘ham raise’ Kettlebell swings will compliment your squats and leg press - which the deadlift is redundant for.

Here is a terrific kettlebell swing demo


I’m a fan of this video:

as it breaks down the swing into 4 fundamental moves and that is something my brain needed before getting the body to obey :grin:


Check out Romanian dead lifts. Puts more emphasis on hamstrings. I only own a barbell and plates with no squat rack, and don’t visit gyms due to the pandemic. I adjusted the off-season weight plan to front squats, Romanian dead lift, and regular dead lifts.

I miss heavy squats and leg presses, but this will do for now.

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