Left/Right Imbalances

Hey Guys,
I was wondering your opinion on left/right imbalances. I somewhat recently got a dual-sided power meter for the first time and found that my right leg is consistently putting out less power than my left. Seems to be about 52%/48% unless i’m fatigued where it gets as bad as 55%/45%. Searching the internet, it seems to be pretty controversial whether it’s worth addressing and how you might go about it.
So i was wondering your opinion, is it something worth fixing? and if so, how?

I have about the same power difference but the pedal strode dynamics are more significant. longer arc length and more smoothness on right. I blew my right knee in a skiing accident in 1970 and underwent surgery. as a result it is sore a lot of the time. Evidently I compensate eith technique. I’ve tried to train my left leg to work as efficiently but haven’t succeeded.

My opinion is that you will always have a dominant leg. Just like you have a dominant hand and arm. We all would love to strive to 50 / 50 but working on your weaker leg will only take away from time with the dominant leg. You can do one legged pedaling drills with both legs to try to strengthen the weaker leg but it most likely won’t have much effect. Though it can help train your leg to make a smoother pedal stroke. Try using easier gears on longer rides so you don’t fatigue your muscles as much and maybe that will help the drop in right left efficiency.