Landrun100 time

Well I got into land run for 2020!!!:crazy_face: Time to get back on a plan!
Im throwing in the towel on CX season just based on too much work and no training time… Ive rode 4 times since SBTGRVL.
With this event being so early and the challenges for us Colorado people getting outside… #HTFU right!!!
I know im going to have to put some trainer time in to be successful… :crazy_face:
I was looking at resistance training + sweet spot…

Would this be a good choice to start soon?

If you start resistance training on Monday it should be just enough time to get it done and give yourself enough time to get your fitness up. LandRun is March 14th so you are looking at getting 10 weeks of resistance training in followed by 11 weeks of sweet spot and gravel race specific plan. So you should get the resistance plus sweet spot and follow that up with the 6 week gravel racing plan.

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Thats awesome!!!
Im aiok to assume during the resistance phase could be a good time to work on some weight loss too before the riding gets too serious and long and i need to eat more to fuel rides…


Not only is a good time to focus on weight loss but better yet setting up good habits for success leading into 2020.

Reviving this old thread. If my notes are right, it’s now 6 weeks out from Land Run (Mid West Whatever…). What plan are you going to follow for these weeks out of curiosity?