Labor Day Monday... Ft#P or ride?

So Monday is an off day on my plan. But I’ve also got the day for labor and wouldn’t mind an nice outdoor ride.

So should I FtfP or get out and ride?

It’a a tricky one isn’t it? I’m all about FTFP but this is also my favourite time of the year to ride.

I don’t know what the coaches will say but I have to keep asking myself how much I want the plan to work. Be interesting to see what they say

Every athlete I coach has a Labor Day ride in their plan. Just one of the one of those days for a free ride or as Frank says soul ride. Holidays are great for that! These you can not put into a prebuilt training plan.

You could do a ride, slide your off day to Tuesday and continue with your plan as is with Tuesdays workout on Wednesday and Wednesday workout on Thursday. Then Friday off. The Tuesday / Wednesday workouts are usually the key workouts of the week. The only issue you may have is some added fatigued from a 3 day weekend. This is something we plan with coaching or even through the subscription.

Have a great Holiday everyone!


Same here Coach @Jake - I call them Labor Day BBQ rides :slightly_smiling_face:

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