Is there an issue with the Sweet Spot Part 4: Polarized Plan?

Hi Guys - I’m using the Sweet Spot Part 4: Polarized - Intermediate plan and most Thursdays, I see the following workout description:

“an even shorter z2 ride so you can dominate your VO2’s tomorrow. And by ‘dominate’ we mean FULL GAS, as many watts as you can make! - save your legs today to set yourself up for success tomorrow!”

Then Friday shows up as a rest day on the bike/strength and conditioning.

Should there be an additional Vo2 workout each week?


Hey Andrew, I am not sure if your workouts got mixed up in trainingpeaks or you applied the plan on a date other than monday, but all the zone 2 workouts you are referring to are located on tuesdays.

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Ah ok, thanks - let me check and thanks for the super fast response.

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Reloaded the training program and it’s all sorted. Thank you!