Is there a prefered day of the week to start a plan?

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, I couldn’t find a thread.

I noticed that the ATP I created with TrainingPeaks doesn’t really match the weekly TSS of the 32 week SS plan. I used the End date option to install the training plan into TP calendar.

I have 2 questions…

The 32 SS plan seems to produce less weekly strain than the TP ATP plan. Is that expected? Does it matter?

I also notice that my weight training starts on a Thursday. Does this affect the weekly TSS? Does it matter?


Some of the plans don’t end on a Sunday, they have some wrap-up non-workout note items on the day or two after the end or they may end on a ftp re-test a few days after the final “Sunday” workout. You might check the final days of the plan you applied to see if something like that is affecting you since you may have applied an “end date” to a non-Sunday or even non-workout item.

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Thanks Chad, I saw that and adjusted accordingly. A small bit of frustration.