Intervals vs group ride

So lately i’ve gotten a bit bored with structured workouts during the week and have been using the Zwift pace bots instead. B-bot for SS/Tempo days and C-bot for Z2 days. As long as i’m hitting the tss and zones are there any drawbacks to this ?

Hard to say without more details.

Are you following the plan, just in a way you find more engaging (IOW If you have 3x15 Sweet Spot on the menu, are you doing exactly that, just not using erg mode and chasing a bot instead?)

Or are you not following the plan but just trying to hit TSS goals?

If it’s the former, then fantastic, you’ve found a way to make training more entertaining while still getting your workout in.

If it’s the latter, then yes, of course there could be some drawbacks to substituting a workout for some unstructured tempo riding.

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