Intervals - one or several

If you need to spend a certain amount of time at sweetspot in a workout, say 40 mins. Do you get more out of the workout if you break it down into multiples i.e. 4 x 10 or 2 x 20 mins or is there an argument for doing 1 x 40 mins as long as you achieve time in zone. I’ve search high and low over the internet for an answer to this one.

Sometimes with the shorter intervals you can get more quality in as you are able to ride at a higher level which can be beneficial. Mentally a 40 minute interval, especially indoors can mentally very challenging.

You will be getting in 40 minutes of aerobic work regardless. Typically with our plans we have you build up from shorter intervals to longer ones. Again just good to be able hit the higher end for a more quality interval.

Longer intervals can be beneficial for those that will be making long race efforts, such as climbs > 20 minutes, 40km TT or even just gravel racing. Just specifically working on an effort at similar durations as racing.

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