Interrupted transition between plans

I have been working my way through the off season strength plan this winter, with the primary goal of building toward my first Cat 2 CX season this fall (call it September). Intermediate objectives are a couple July gravel events with have-fun rather than performance goals.

Life threw me a curve ball, as life does, with three weeks to go in my strength training (week one of speed strength). My first kid arrived a couple weeks early! As such he’s requiring a bit of extra attention to get going. At the moment I have a week of psuedo-rest (I’m finding that there’s no such thing as rest with a newborn) and it’s looking like I’ll have at least another week before he comes home and I’m able to resume my previous training consistency. Right now I’m planning to just do some very chill, short, feel-good rides as I find time to adjust to being a dad, napping, and taking care of all the additional duties that entails.

So with that context comes my question. I was almost done with strength when I had an interruption. Actually, I would have finished my plan on his due date. My plan was to start sweet spot base building next. With the #dadlife pause I figure I would want at a week of re-adaptation to strength work before resuming the speed phase of strength training. This would delay starting sweet spot by another 3-4 weeks. I have plenty of time to get through the base phase before cross starts, but also I know that in CX training plans there will be some plyo / speed strength work. So are there any recommendations on whether it’s better to hit the pause button on the strength work and start riding or resume strength?

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Congrats Dad!

Here’s an idea:
Repeat the 3rd week of Adaptation - reacclimate your legs
Get back on your plan with the first week of Strength then the second week of Strength, then the Power Phase and so forth.

Adapt and revise downstream. Its really important to complete the resistance training in its entirety especially since you have the time to do so.


Thanks Frank! That sounds like a pretty good plan since I have plenty of time to get fast this spring/summer. So once I get my family home and can train consistently I’ll do what you suggest. Until then I’ll stick with doing things that feel good and are short to stay mentally fresh and able to be more present with my son.

Looking forward to those #dadwatts but have to keep off that #dadbod! :rofl: There’s no such thing as good sleep with a newborn but there’s nothing as relaxing as chilling on the couch with one!

How’s life with your new little one?