Interpretation - How Much SS Article

I am looking at the ‘How Much SS’ article ( )and also have the (Intermediate) 18 week SS plan and am trying to reconcile those.

The article has a table of ‘much much SS’ vs level for road cyclists. In the article it says that these are ‘daily’ numbers, but I am not sure what that means. Does that mean some kind of average? It is a quantity measured on longer SS days such as a 4 hour (243 TSS) “Sweet Spot Group Ride”?

With the widely varying (for good reason) SS time targets but the quite fixed TSS targets in the 18 week plan, I am not sure how to put those two sets of targets together.



You do not need to adjust your plan based on the training tip and podcast, #FtFP.

This training tip and and all podcasts are talking generally a large audience. If you are on a sweet spot plan keep following that - we in no way meant for these general guidelines to be used to change the plan.

A good training plan is like an onion - there are many many layers. In the training tip Frank was talking about one layer - a daily sweet spot workout.

You are doing 18 week Sweet Spot you’ll achieve the amount of sweet spot you need by simply following the plan. Stick to it!

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Thanks, Jake.

FWIW, I was not trying to ‘adjust the plan’. I was trying to figure out what following the plan means in terms of quantity of SS for those days where that is not stated.

i tend to be a #'s guy so might be obsessing a bit here. FWIW, I am a solo rider so it is the mix of efforts in the plan’s ‘SS Group Rides’ that I am focused on here (where I have complete control within the limits of riding in rolling terrain).

Thanks again for the response.


Yeah you could focus on those TSS numbers and sweet spot time for your weekend group rides “solo” That would be a good time to apply those numbers.

As a fellow #'s guy, know that the sweet spot we prescribe correlates to TSS. And that is a number you can monitor in real time during your workout and use a carrot to dig deep and keeping sweet spotting even tho your legs are getting tired.

Here is what I mean:

Thanks for the additional comments. I think that have the understanding that I need.