Initial Burst for Intervals

Offseason in TX and doing the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot. Question: is there any adaptive benefit when doing, say the 3 x 8s or 3 by 12s, by starting the interval with 30 sec to a minute at at a higher wattage and then settling back into the sweet spot watts? I like it for simulating an acceleration out of a pack and increasing the heart rate and learning to recover at SS. Something like what I did in today’s workout. The answer is probably FtFP, but had to ask…

Yes, you said it #FtFP but if you stick around in your plan, it will get to the sweet spot bursts, the over unders and the cross crosses a la this workout. Wait till you do a 30 second zone 6 effort followed by 8-10-12 minutes of sweet spot. That’s what we call diabolical.

The burst at the beginning as you have done here I would classify as ‘extra credit’ - I like the way you are thinking.

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