Infinit and Winning in The Kitchen

I am currently pretty much winning in the kitchen. However, my weight and body fat are not dropping like it should. I’ve eliminated all added sugar except for coffee creamer in the morning (6g) and Infinit drink mix for my during ride nutrition. I guess I’m asking Should I eliminate the Infinit as well? And if so, what to replace it with of anything?

I’m a Cat2 MtB’r, 3.3 w/kg and I ride about 12 hours a week. I doubt if water alone will suffice.

Hey @dansills_2000 - I definitely do not recommend eliminating the infinit. You need the calories on the bike to execute your training. For rides <75 min though, some water with just electrolytes is perfectly fine.

Which level of the meal plan are you on?

Hi Lacey, (sorry for the hijack),
does this apply to all intensities or mainly Zone 2 stuff?

Higher intensitites/durations may call for more. But during training, you are usually fine if your ride is only 60-75 minutes.
Watch the during ride nutrition video/download the charts.
Makes it very easy to understand :slight_smile: