Indoor trainer sessions - how long?

Thanks @Jake, back to @rburtoncpa question of modifying the workout.

How do we take a prescribed 3 hour workout and change it to an indoor ride?

The idea of no more than 90 minutes in Novemeber and Decemeber isn’t reflected in the descriptions of some of the workouts, in particular the Muscle Tesnion Interval 3 X 12 which is 3 hours and is recommended to be done on an indoor trainer!

I have read that an hour of indoor training is similar to 1:20 to 1:30 of outdoor training. Today I had a 3 hour Muscle Tension 3 X 12 planned. I shortened the first 70 minute Z2 portion to 45 minutes, did the 3 X 12 and reduced the last Z2 to 10 minutes - 2 hours total. I will make up the TSS on today’s prescribed 2 hour Z2 outdoor ride. I think this is acceptable, but I don’t think that modification will always be that obvious.

Did I apply the correct tactic?

How do we modify long, more complicated workouts into 90 - 120 minutes?