Indoor trainer resistance, Zwift versus Garmin 1030

NOOB question

My setup:
Garmin 1030
Stages powermeter

Galaxy Note 9 (latest OS and security patches)
Saris H2(latest software)
Training Peaks app on 1030 with specific training plan

I setup the 1030 to read power from the H2. When I use my 1030 to perform a training plan I notice the resistance is fairly light. On the 1030, I drill down through “training” icon>indoor training" to select plan for the day. The trainer light blinks continuously when using only the 1030. When I use Zwift, the light is a steady, solid blue light.

The resistance was very noticeable when on Zwift versus riding by the 1030 head unit. I just rode the basic terrain. Is this a Zwift feature to emulate the change in elevation and surface type?

What am I doing wrong to make the H2 blink versus a solid blue light?

I believe that when nothing is paired with the trainer it blinks continually. So your trainer is not connected to your Garmin 1030. So then the resistance is fairly light as it is a normal fluid trainer. That is a fine way to complete a workout as long as you can hit your target watts. Personally I prefer this over erg mode and having the trainer control the resistance. It makes it more realistic like riding outdoors and you can go harder or easier based on how you feel.

When it is blue it is connected to Zwift. When connected to Zwift it will vary resistance based on terrain and even drafting. However you could even connect Zwift to TrainingPeaks and choose your TrainingPeak workout to complete.

Here are what the different lights mean:

thanks for the info, much appreciated