Indoor program

Frank - we met at SBT GRVL last year - thanks for the rice wrap! I’ve bought about 6 plans and when you had the holiday offer I was good to go. Well things change - I got taken out of Shasta Gravel two weeks ago and now I have a cracked frame and a separated shoulder and a ton of medical bills and possible surgery – any chance you could send a discount code my way so I can buy the six week program?

Jake suggested that I will do that and then the middle six weeks of SS18 and a one week regeneratoin week and then the SBT Gravel plan for a 19 week build up to SBT Gravel - assuming I can actually do it in August but this gives me something to focus on during physical theraphy and will be a forcing function for me to ride my wahoo trainer and zwift which is painful for me to accept given how nice the weather is here in the Bay now.



There’s a podcast code that is always active

not tracking you - podcast code? can you please send it to me… one handed here and just trying to make it thru the days:) thanks1

thanks- if you could please send it my way it would be appreciated as i don’t know where to look - thanks. mark

Hi Mark - you have to listen to the podcast! No free lunches :wink:

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