Indoor FTP for Outdoor intervals - SweetSpot

Hi from Melbourne where it’s winter and raining so FtFP’ing outdoors isn’t possible ever day and I need to use Zwift.

I was wondering how useful my FTP from the Sweet Spot Field test done on Zwift/TacX Neo trainer is going to be for Zone training when I am able to ride outdoors ?

Advice would be appreciated about how I should approach setting useful numbers in the 7 training zones given indoor FTP is usually lower than an outdoor FTP.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Physiologically you only have one FTP. What is likely the case is that you have two different powermeters producing two different numbers. Soooooo can have powermeter indoor FTP and an outdoor powermeter FTP for example…

Use either FTP depending on indoors or outdoors training,

Thanks for your reply Frank.

Apologies for not mentioning that I’ll only be using the one power meter- ie the one mounted on the crank of my bike and not the trainer’s power meter…

So should I still record an indoor and an outdoor number? Or am I overthinking it?

No, use that ONE powermeter both indoors and outdoors, do your best to FtFP and you’ll be A OK :ok_hand: