Indoor and Outdoor FTP Management

Little History
The bike I use for outdoor training (I have a power meter) is not the bike that I use on my trainer, so I think the difference is environment and the torque meter differences. I plan to get my bike with the power meter on the trainer just to map out the difference.

The actual question
What is the suggested method to managing different indoor and outdoor FTPs? I have updated my Training Peaks with my outdoor FTP data and plan to scale my indoor rides using the FTP setting in Zwift, when you select the workout. This will result in my TSS being lower than it actually is, just because the power numbers will read lower (I guess I could override the data in Training Peaks). Does this seem like the best approach?

Physiologically you have one FTP - nothing changes in your body as it relates to your FTP from indoors or outdoors.

What’s different are the devices, powermeters and your body’s ability to make power from one environment to the next. Most athletes are able to make 10-30 watts more outdoors with the wind in their face and rolling inertia.

Form a technical standpoint, unfortunately TrainingPeaks only manages one FTP setting. In practice you could switch from outdoor to indoor FTP each time you upload the corresponding data. Ultimately I think you will grow quite tired of that!

In the end, if you are #FtFP’ing consistently, long term you’ll find that your CTL’s are different by a small % (I went down this road mathematically several years ago to see for myself and it was non consequential of a difference in my opinion).