Ideal ATL/CTL/TSB prior to FTP test?

Hey Coach, I have sinned. Please forgive me. I didn’t #FtFP - I started too late so had to cut short and then improvise the last two weeks of your weights to base plan. I’m about to start your base to race plan, which I will follow, and as you know it starts with an FTP test. In general, what numbers should I or anyone else for that matter be shooting for prior to a test? For what it’s worth, I’m currently at, respectively, 70/64/-19, but was wondering if a lower form or ATL would result in a more accurate test.

Ah -:: 30 lashes. You simply have to get back on the plan. Thinking about how your CTL/ATL/TSB is prior to the test isn’t as important as following the plan.

If it’s sub-optimal you will see the results from your test and that is your penance! Then you strive to do better as you move forward and continue to train.

Testing is a shot across the bow to get you act in gear and #FtFP. Tough love 101