I have some questions about getting back in to cycling

Hello my name is Eugene and I have been a long time listener of your pod cast.

I am 10 weeks out from knee surgery (acl, mpfl, mcl) from a rugby injury that happened at the end of February and I am now able to feel comfortable on a stationary bike.

I am 28 years old, athletic build, but I am probably very out of shape by now.
I have been able to do some upper body work in the gym but not much since I recently got around to bending my knee passed 90 degrees about 3 weeks ago.

I am itching to get a ride in as soon as I am cleared by my doctors!

My work is 11.6 miles one way from my house and varies about 535ft in elevation and riding that distance (20-30+mi) throughout a day used to be no problem for me.

I am not 100% ready yet but I would like to know what the best programming would be if I was looking to get back into a good riding schedule. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated regarding getting better from an injury as well.

You seem like a cool cat (haha) so I thought I’d send you this email.

Hope this isn’t a bad question but thank you for your time!

Hello Eugene!

Sweet Spot Training is where you want to start - start with Sweet Spot Part 1 and you can progress to Part 2 & 3 as you get stronger and faster.


Good luck and once you are ‘on a plan’ use this forum to help answer your questions and follow the plan :slight_smile: