HR zones after field test

So in December I did my first field test and had a 20 min average hr of 185, I took that minus 5% into the zones calculator and have been training with those zones, today I did my second test and had an average of 190, I also realized I’m not supposed to subtract 5%, right? this would put zone 5 at 200 bpm and up, it’s hard for me to get my hr up that high even in races, so should I really be using these new zones? or should I go somewhere between my old and new zones? btw went close to 2 minutes faster on my field test!

should note I don’t currently have a power meter

Correct, do not subtract 5% from your HR when setting your zones.
Keep your zones the same and then for your VO2 max efforts, I am going to quote @FRANK and say… “go as hard as you can and make it hurt” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Note: HR will always lag behind your power, so when you have short efforts it likely will not reflect how hard you are actually going.

Ok, thanks for the speedy reply! Glad I’ll now have more accurate zones, it’s just driving me a little nuts knowing they were far off for all that time😭

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5bpm is not that far off! Remember, HR is extremely variable - heat, caffeine, hydration, elevation, etc will all cause it to it be higher or lower than “usual.” Use your perceived exertion and HR together to ensure you are staying in the right zones (+ making sure it hurts when you are supposed to be throwing down the hammer) and you’ll be golden. :ok_hand:t3:

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yeah, just last time I subtracted 5% when a wasn’t supposed to. but it’s all good now!

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