HR decrease = better FTP?

I’m at the end of the weights + base plan. My heart rate is about 10 bpm lower during workouts than it was when I started the plan. Good, right!

I’m curious in general what does a lower heart rate trend mean. Obviously, I’m getting in better shape. Does this also mean my FTP is getting better?

Stupid question? OK for real, I just HATE ftp tests. I took one to start. Don’t plan on taking an ftp test every 6-8 weeks as I finish a plan.

Hey @shane.crowe,
Yes, your lower HR means you’re getting fitter. Your heart is able to pump the same amount of blood (or adequate at least) to your body and working muscles at a lower heart rate than when you started. That’s a major improvement in efficiency!
As for power, it’s not a direct correlation, but yes you should see an improvement on your FTP, but you have to test in order to find out for sure.
Nobody likes testing, but it actually doubles as a really great workout and is also great for developing your mental fortitude, so challenge yourself to embrace the discomfort! You don’t have to test after every plan, but I’d recommend doing it about every 3 months or so.

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