How would I plan out a year - Currently using other platform

Hello, I am interested in the programs here at fascat. I am currently on another system so I am looking to better understand how things work here before taking the plunge.
I will keep looking but is there an FAQ for those coming from another platform to answer common questions one may have comparing platforms? I have some questions that probably seem pretty basic but I am also curious about, again, only being familiar with one other platform. If so and you can direct me to this resource please do so, thank you.
Anyway, on to my question.
I am curious on how I would lay out a year.
After reviewing the plans I am seeing something like the following
(for reference I am a “masters” athlete, 45, approaching 46. In 3rd year of endurance training, focusing on bike now (after experimenting with triathlon), at 3 watts per Kg and would like to get to 3.5 this season, 4 watts/kg would be a dream. My “A” noted below is a Gran Fondo):

  • Around mid latter Sept (following my end of season and a week or two “off”, do Fall 3 week plan

  • Around mid Oct do 10 week weight training plan

  • Around Jan 1 start 18 weeks of sweet spot

  • Around mid may start an interval program of my choice (6-weeks)

  • Around July 1 start a race program of my choice (6-weeks)

  • This would all end then around mid Aug. I am in the Pacific Northwest and currently, my 1 A race is early mid Sept. Based on the above does this mean I should shift everything forward so that the end of the Race program ends the week of my A race? This would mean shifting things forward a month. If I do this, what do I add at the front or middle to fill in this 4 week gap?

  • Are all the programs designed go back to back or should you plan on your own “recovery” week, in between each program/stage? If that is the case that will add a number of weeks into my annual plan and push the end of the Race plan farther out than in my above example.

  • The above plans total 3+10+18+6+6 = 43 weeks (not including “recovery” weeks if I need to add these in between plans).

  • If I add in 3 weeks for vacation when I don’t ride or do anything structured and another 2 weeks for being “off” due to life, sick, … that puts the grand total of accounted for weeks at 48. - How is it best to fill this “other” 4 weeks or so?

  • Can you copy weeks from other training plans you have purchased and paste them into your schedule in training peaks?

  • For master’s age athletes, do they complete the above plans in the same time-frame or can/should we build in more rest weeks, thus lengthening the duration of the plans by a week or so?

I think that covers it for now.
If it is easier to just point me to various other threads also answering these questions that would be great too.
Thanks very much,