How to translate 18 weeks of SS plan into SS2 and SS3?

Hey coaches,

I’m starting my off-season SS plan around November 10 (kind of early, but I gotta have SS4 in there too). I’ve kept my fitness up, and would prefer to do SS2, SS2, and SS3 instead of SS1, 2, and 3 for the 18 weeks.

The 18 week plan is adjusted to make sure the plans mesh together well, so if I was wanting to start with SS2, repeat that, and then SS3, what weeks should I be starting on and repeating? Would the rest weeks coincide correctly? And should I power test at the start of every 6 weeks?

I would recommend you just taking out the first 4 weeks of the 18 week plan. This will keep the 3 week on / 1 week of cycle.

You do not need to do a power test every 6 weeks. Really only 12 - 18 weeks and if you feel like you need to. Can just replace those rides with 2 x 20 minute sweet spot efforts. You can use previous training or group rides you maybe doing to determine if you need to do a field test.

Also did you take a proper offseason break? Don’t forget about how important this is to your success next year. Don’t over look it. Might seem unnecessary at the moment but you’ll thank us later if you do. No reason to try to hold close to peak fitness all year. It does more harm than good.

Thanks for the advice!

Yes, I did take a post season break of three weeks without riding. My FTP dropped substantially as expected, but I’m starting this year’s off-season some 45 watts higher than last years.

I’m nearing the completion of my 10 week resistance phase as well. I’ll just skip the first 4 weeks and replace that with some zone 2 free rides!

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