How to track HR Threshold Improvement?

I’ve been doing variations of Sweet Spot training since mid-April and my HR Threshold has increased 7 bpm (166 → 173) is there a metric to determine weather or not this is good or if I need to be doing more. Is this the type of thing you can set a goal for?

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Honestly, not really because heart rate unlike power output does not increase with training. It is likely that your threshold heart rate will stay in and around 173bpm for awhile now until you see it decline with age. I was 175bpm for a solid ten years.

While it certainly makes heart rate based training simple to use heart rate based zones, I wouldn’t use it to track improvement.

Use your good old fashioned time up a hill or on a segment to track that! Or power output…

Thanks on all accounts. Much appreciated. Happy to be part of the FasCats.