How to structure training for long CX season

CX racing in Oregon lasts from September 8 through November 21. Ideally I would want to peak for State championships on Oct 9th and be “fresh” for the remainder of the weekend racing (since its a series w/ cumulative points) through Nov 21. Do I set up my training with “cyclocross intervals” ending the week of Oct 9 essentially “training through” all the races leading up to that weekend, or would I really start a “race and recover” starting Sept 8 ?

Also, what is the main difference between “cyclocross intervals” and “6 weeks to cyclocross” ?

Here is the order of progression for our six week cyclocross specific plans. You can begin the CX Summer Sweet Spot mid-May to June-ish

Those plans may be found here also in a left to right progression:[164]

We also have the entire 5 plan bundled here at an 18% discount:

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@FRANK as a self coached athlete, strictly using all Fascat plans strung together. I’m trying to figure out how long a typical season would last? (I can already hear you say that is goal or A race dependent and how much time you have available :slight_smile: ) The 5 CX plan progression you mention above are 6 weeks long which equates to about roughly 7,5 months / 30 weeks. Assuming 3 week of Fall Foundation then 10 week resistance would precede these plans, so a total of 11months, would you say this is the absolute max before having to take a break and do it all over again?

What would the same progression of plans compromise of for MTB XCM & XCO?

Thanks BigCat. And i would line up the cyclocross intervals to end just before my A race? (about mid season) ?

You betcha @amy.engelhard :leopard:

I’d line it up so that you begin the six weeks till cyclocross plan August 1st which puts the cyclocross intervals perfect timing with mid-September.

Hope that helps!