How to modify Climb Intervals workout for shorter climbs

Hey all, I just started the climbing intervals training plan and it’s going well so far. I ran into a question which is - how should I modify this Climb Intervals workout (highlighted in the screenshot) given that my target climb is much shorter than 15 mins?

Specifically, this workout is talking about doing repeats on a 15 min climb. However, my target climb is about half that. Considering that, would it make sense to just do more repeats? Or, would it make sense to seek out a longer climb for just this workout?

I figure it would make sense to change something or else my overall TSS would be much lower if I just do 3 repeats on my shorter climb. Thanks in advance

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Hi @aokolish - so for a 7.5 minute climb I would start with 3 reps.

Do those @ high threshold watts but also as hard as you can. The 7.5 minute duration is specific to your goal climb so go for it!

Don’t worry about the 15 minutes in the plan if you are training for a 7.5 min climb. Go hard and make it hurt!


…to build on this question, I have the opposite problem… my target climbs on my A event are 15 ish minutes long (and then much longer alpine climbs later in the summer) but I dont have anything like that to train on. The longest climbs around here are about 4 mins. They are a similar gradient though.

Any suggestions gratefully received! Thanks

For you concentrate on threshold power (Zone 4)

Ride in places where you can do steady z4 watts for 15 minutes at a time. This may be:

Flat terrain
Indoor training

Flat terrain that leads into the longest climb you have.

As long as you avoid stops and downhill section > 10 sec I think you’ll be a ale to execute 15 minute threshold intervals.

If not there is always the indoor trainer to #FtFP


thanks Frank - threshold on the flats (ish) into the wind seems to be my standard outdoor interval these days. Have been doing a lot on the rollers but really want to try and get some good quality outdoor intervals whenever possible.

#FTFP :metal:


Thanks, @FRANK . I’ll try it out.

Doing 18 Wks SS and was just looking ahead to the weekend schedule and Sunday I"m scheduled to "Choose climbs in the 8 - 45 minute range and climb for a total of 45 minutes from BOTTOM to TOP"

I’m not training for anything specific and don’t have long climbs in my area. Was just doing some segment research on Strava in my area and have these 3 closeby to work with, what would be suggested?

Climb 1 - 0.68mi long @ 6.5%
Climb 2 - 1.15mi long @ 5.7%
Climb 3 - 0.81mi long @ 6.6%


The beauty of this training approach is that that you can adopt whatever resources you have. Watts are watts whether you make them on climbs, on the flats, or on the trainer. Flats and climbs, etc… Choose which you like the most and go for it!

Analyze your data afterwards to measure how you ‘did’ - look for sections of riding between 8 and 45 minutes where you trying to hold your sweet spot wattages and double check how you did.


Thanks @FRANK sometimes I tend to over think things.

Another question regarding “Freestyle” SS Sunday , I completed a forum search but unable to find what I was looking for. It says to spend a total of 45mins in SS range, this Sunday is a 3hr ride NO TSS, is it recommended to ride the full 3hrs mostly in SS? I ask as this past Saturday I had a 4hr Sweet Spot ride with a 200 TSS, I completed it in 2hrs 44mins with a VI of 0.99 and IF of 0.88. Thoughts?