How to fill 16 weeks leading up to 4 day hilly gravel stage race

I have 6 weeks left to finish intermediate 16 wk SS plan then have exactly 16 weeks until the start of my A event, 4 day gravel stage race from August 23 to 26, 2021 in BC, Canada.
81km (50miles) 2100m (6890ft)
83km (51) 2500m (8202)
82km (51) 1800m (5905)
135km (83) 2400m (7874)
What would be a good sequence of training plan to do after 16wk SS plan? SS4? Climbing interval? Gravel training plan? In-season?
Thank you!

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So many options.

After you finish the 18 week SS plan I would do the following:

Week 1: Repeat last regeneration week from 18wk SS plan to start next plan fresh.
Weeks 2 - 7: Sweet spot part 4
Week 8: Repeat a regeneration week again to start next plan fresh
Weeks 9 - 12: Gravel Plan - Hilly (weeks 1 - 4)
Weeks: 13 - 15: Road race interval plan (weeks 3, 5 and 6)
Week 16: Gravel plan (week 6 as it is taper into race)

You could also skip the road race plan stick with the gravel plan 6 weeks before your event. Then you would need to fill in a few weeks after sweet spot 4 with a repeat of weeks 5 - 8 of your 18 week sweet spot plan as an option.


Nice! Thank you coach @Jake !! I would have never come up with this plan. I am going to fill up my calendar.