How to download training program to iMac?

Is there a way i can download my program to my Mac rather than having t view it on training peaks? I know i can download the individual workouts but i would like to be able to look over the flow of the entire program in a linear fashion. Thanks.

Hi @nick.zevgolis, I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do with the download but as a mac user I am happy to try to troubleshoot. I have tried exporting workouts/printing them on my Macbook with little luck. I have to screenshot them. Are you looking for a CSV/Excel type of download? As far as I am concerned TP is a unique platform with unique coding that is going to make it hard to display all of that same information in another software or format (I assume with the exception of WKO, but I have never used that). If by flow you mean your future fitness levels, etc. then the PMC and all of the charts available in your dashboard will be your best friend. A lot of cool ways to visualize your past and future workload (TSS per day/week, hours, mileage, etc.). Hope that helps!

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If you have TrainingPeaks calendar open, line a week up near the top of the screen and hit cmd-p to print in landscape mode from safari. It’ll print a week or two depending on your screen placement but each page will be a week and it only cuts off extremely long descriptions.