How to Decrease FTP Setting?

Hello -

I have lost a lot of fitness in the last few months. How can I decrease my FTP? I am starting my SS1 training over.


Hi @paul.park - simply enter your new FTP per our instructions (with video) in this training tip:

Thanks for the quick response. If I can’t maintain the 20minute FTP in Zwift - how do you suggest I lower the effort? I have just been quitting in the middle? Does it automatically decrease?

Hey Paul - Are you doing the field test with ERG mode off?? You should be able to increase/decrease you power output. You should complete the full 20 minutes, regardless of whether you have to reduce you power output over the course of the 20 min effort or not.

Enter the updated FTP number in TrainingPeaks and that decreases your FTP settings. Same as before as described by Coach @Jake