How to combine the 18 Weeks SSTP with the Road/Crit Int. Plan

Hello! I starting the week 7 of the 18 Weeks SSTP and I saw a 10 watt gain so far which got really anxious to see the final outcome. My concern is the following; I bought the Road/Crit plan and I just realized that the SSTP ends in the second week of a 4 week block and the Road/Crit plan has a rest week on the third week. If I combine them as they are I’ll have a really tough 5 building weeks before the rest week.
It’s there any guidelines or tips on how I can combine the 2 plans?
Do I follow it as it is or repeat the final week of the 18 Week SSTP before the Road/Crit plan?

Thanks in advance…

You should add a regeneration week before you start the road and crit plan. If you wanted you could add a sweet spot week before than to continue the 3 week build. Could take week 15 and repeat that.