How to build speed

What kind of workouts in the road inseason plan will suit the best to build a higher racespeed?

I’m currently doing the advanced road racing plan, I’m in week four and have seen a pretty substantial gain in power. My average speed on my weekend 3-4 hour rides has gone up as well. Each week you are increasing your threshold, V02 and anaerobic intervals. I had developed a good base doing Endurance and Sweet Spot. The previous 18 weeks.

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I am doing the road racing season intermediate plan, but I like to focus on my racing speed in a 1,5 hours crit race. Hitting the power and IF in the exercises is not giving me the speeds you need in a race though.

Hey there!

Try your best to get into a group ride when your training plan says to on Saturday’s and Sunday’s! They need to be fast, aka FREE SPEED for you!! Group rides will make you faster, so join them!!!

-Coach Allie

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^^^^^ YES + use the racing as training too! The racing on your in-season plan is also your ‘workout’ for the day - so do hard races that push you to your limit and that will make you faster (plus the group rides)

Thank you Allie and Frank,
I am training midweeks with our club amateurs which are hard trainings. Our weekend rides are more endurancetrainings where we do a 3-4 hours ride with averages of 31 - 33 kmh.
I guess I have to grit my teeth in the midweek trainings with the younger riders. Thx!