How should I end my season?

Hi everyone,

I find myself in a bit of a pickle here.
I have started the 18 weeks sweet spot training last mid July. Perhaps a bit late but my old program really didn’t work for me and I was eager to give this a shot. I clearly fell in low with it and later upgraded to the new training plan 16 weeks sweet spot going from basic to intermediate.

I have stopped training according to the program last week Monday after a week of recovery and the second field test coming up. That coincided with me having a week of recovery and starting my three weeks cycling holiday.

I am at the end of the first holiday week riding in the Dolomites/Trentino with many short rides near the are where I grew up. Next week sees 4 long rides in the Dolomites filled long climbs. The week after that, the first of November, will see me riding much of the same in Tenerife before returning to the UK were I currently leave.

I would like to buy the 10 weeks weight lifting program and start that early December. Is that a good time? If so what should I do after my return to the UK? How can I end my season properly. A sudden 3 weeks stop seems a bit too much and doing that in the past always gave me a cold as my body didn’t know what to do anymore. Should I just resume my sweet spot training plan? Although I won’t be able to finish it anyway before December. That also feels wrong.

Thank you for any suggestion!

A little sneak peak for my most recent ride. :smile: :mountain_biking_man:IMG_20211023_163101|375x500

Wow! The Dolomites and Tenerife, sounds like a real pickle to be in!

My jealousy aside, I think you’re on the right track with the weight lifting plan. You can follow that with 16 weeks of Sweet Spot, combining the two makes the perfect block.

Time off is individual, and it’s as much for a mental break as it is for a physical break. Since when you get back to the UK you’ll be coming off a few months of fun/unstructured riding, I don’t think you’ll need much time off. I’d probably suggest taking a week or two off when you arrive, settle back into your life there, and then start the weight lifting plan.

Thanks for your tip. Just to be clear I have not yet finished my 16 weeks sweet spot training yet, and I not planning on to as that would delay my weight lifting plans/gym sessions that usually allow me to have a mental and physical stop during the bad winter season and Christmas time.

I am planning to start my cycling season in February with the 16 weeks sweet spot training restating it from scratch. That should give me a solid weight lifting and cycling basis for the summer. We will see what plan I will pick after that.

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Well have fun on your rides in November! Sounds like a great way to end the year or riding. Glad to hear the sweet spot plans are working out for you!

So we do recommend all our athletes take some time after the season to rest. You can do a week off completely than a second week with some other physical activity. Here is more info on our offseason break.

I would recommend you do start that once you get back to the UK. Then I would have you start the 10 week resistance training program. That would be the perfect time to start that. You can build up your strength in your muscles before resuming with sweet spot training and building your base.


Thanks Jake.

Just to confirm that we are talking about the same plan this is the one that you are recomending: