How often do you update your zones?

I initially did my FTP test on a trainer before starting my training program, within the first 3 weeks, I got new threshold notifications from Training Peaks. Should I continue to update my zones each time OR should I just do this every so ofter (ie once a month)?


Hi @mfarsi - I would update your zones per the notifications but still follow the plan.

What kind of training (workouts, group rides, a race?) were you doing when you got these notifications?

Cool. Both were on Sweet Spot “group rides” - I am on Sweet Spot Plan 1 . I did solo rides on both of the group ride days.

I’ve been off of the bike for a few months, actually almost a year, so I think when I did my FTP test I was at my low-point of fitness. Regular riding will likely yield a lot more of these notification.

Thanks for your help!

Yea, hearing that you DEFinitely want to update your training zones to reflect your improving fitness. This is exactly what we were podcasting about with using normalized power here: