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Can you tell me what type of smith machine/pull up rack is featured in the training videos (Total Body Strength) with Suzie Snyder?

Looking to add some equipment to my PT facility.



Hey there!
The gym I was using in the video had a TechnoGym rack. It’s not very functional for squats, since there are no “horns” to put a bar on or safety bars, but it’s got a lot of other multi-functional features if you don’t need a squat rack…That room was basically set up for group fitness/bootcamp style classes where they don’t really use any heavy weights. Those racks have a lot of attachments for elastic bands and such. There is a true squat rack in the back corner though, which in my opinion is the best option. I’m not sure if you see it in any of the videos.
Something like a Rogue Fitness rack or half rack or something like that is better as it would allow you to do pretty much anything- squats, pullups, bench press, and you can attach bands anywhere on it without the fancy hooks. If I were setting up a gym, that’s what I’d get, but it really depends on how much space and money you have!
Here’s a link to Rogue with a lot of different options-

I’m sure there are other comparable brands and styles, but that’s just one I know off the top of my head.

Thank you for the reply.
I currently use a Titan Fitness rack (similar to Rogue) and love it.
I just thought the set up in the video was interesting and had not seen that equipment before.

Thanks again and I am enjoying the workouts.

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You’re welcome! Great to hear that you’re enjoying the workouts. Thanks for the feedback!