Hip Replacement and rebuilding fitness...carefully

I am a 54 year old CAT 4 crit racer and am 9 weeks post hip replacement surgery. Has anyone gone through the FASCAT training plans or have any suggestions on a structured training program so that I can be ready to race in January when the Southern California racing season begins. I got the green light to get back on the road this past Monday.

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There are 21 five star reviews of the sweet spot part 1 plan here:


yes I had total hip replacement in 2015, I’ve completed both a sweet spot and Mnt bike XC interval plans w/ no problem, But I did several months of easy rides first. Also be careful as it takes about a yr for the bone to grow around and into the implant (it has groves just for that) which makes it strong .

Hi, I have both hips replaced in the last 3 years , my advice of which you have probably had plenty is start gradually and build it up, listen to your legs as the muscles would have had a lot of trauma and require a settling in period , I would also advise using a gym and swap a day of cycling with it will help immensely. All the best David

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