Hilly goals but what plan to use?

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After some advice as to what to do next. I recently finished the hill climbing intervals plan and completed my goal of a weekend climbing some of the local (Australian) mountains (http://theclimbingcyclist.com/climbs/alpine-national-park/mt-hotham/), (http://theclimbingcyclist.com/climbs/alpine-national-park/tawonga-gap-bright-side/), (http://theclimbingcyclist.com/climbs/alpine-national-park/tawonga-gap-mt-beauty-side/)
I have another goal to complete another mountain climb, albeit less strenuous, ~17km, 5.9%, 1000vm between Xmas and New Year (http://theclimbingcyclist.com/climbs/alpine-national-park/mt-buller/)
and then in late January, a 3 day weekend of 204km and 3200vm. Finally a goal of a single day race with 100km, 2000vm+ at the start of March (https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/rides-and-events/peaks-challenge/routes-and-prices/#100km).
I recently purchased the 18week Sweet Spot and race intervals plans, or do I repeat Hills intervals- unsure what training to do with these goals in mind. Also, the fact that it is summer and I will be keen to ride outside more so than strict winter turbo trainer training (where I find it much easier to follow power goals within plans).
I have power/data available if this would be helpful, otherwise really just trying to figure out how to spend my time wisely over these coming months.

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Awesome @aoifereid - all comes down to timing - when those goal are, how long you have/want to train for.

With regards to your power data - letting us take a look at it, historically and model out your training with the PMC chart could help answer your questions(s). We do just that with our coaching subscription:

per the latest podcast on the PMC

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