Heat, humidity and recovery

I live and train in Tampa, FL. Spring was relatively mild here, but the high heat and humidity are here and will be for months to come. I train first thing in the morning, when the temps are low, but the humidity is super high. I am soaked with sweat by the end of the workout, and while I try to stay on top of my hydration and get plenty of sleep, I’m not recovering enough to complete the next day’s scheduled workout.

So, any nutrition tips (or any tips in general) for recovering in high humidity would be greatly appreciated!


A lot of it comes down to hydration. Make sure you are getting enough. Also if you are drinking a ton of water make sure you are mixing in some electrolytes as well. Stay on top of that as well! With that much sweat you are losing a lot of salt.

You can also look at doing some pre and post workout cooling techniques. Such as cold shower, ice bath, drinking a cold drink/smoothie and etc. Ice socks are also a favorite for racers during hot days, maybe you could incorporate during your more intense workouts.

Those are just a few of my suggestions. I’m sure others can chime in as well.


I use Scratch in my bottles during the ride. Do you use any type of recovery drink? Also, I’ve never heard of ice socks…

That is good you use scratch on the bike. Can have some electrolyte drink as well throughout the day.

Ice socks are panty hose filled with ice. You can cut them, tie the ends and fill with ice and put in on your back by your neck. Then it slowly drips with cold water on your body as it melts. You’ll see some pros due this when it gets really hot in a race.