Heart Rate Range for FRC/Supra Threshold Intervals?

About to start the hill climb interval plan next week, and I was curious if there is an upper limit for HR for the supra threshold intervals?

I train using power and HR and generally like to use my HR as a governor on sustained efforts. Given that its a supra threshold effort, I’m assuming my HR should settle in above threshold HR for most of the interval, but stabilize not too far above it?

Assuming a max HR of 201 and a threshold HR of 180. Should I be looking to keep it between 180 and 185 or so?



Out of interest Jonathan. How long is the hill you are planning to PB ? I assume this is why you are doing hill intervals? I am 2nd week in and have reduced the intensity on some of the tempo/sweet spot rides as I’m finding I’m a bit fatigued / tired.

Let your heart rate do what it is going to do and concentrate on going as hard as you can by feel USING

Supra-threshold power is 100-108% - that is going to be a better real time metric than heart rate.

Cry in the DoJO!

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