Heart Rate Range for FRC/Supra Threshold Intervals?

About to start the hill climb interval plan next week, and I was curious if there is an upper limit for HR for the supra threshold intervals?

I train using power and HR and generally like to use my HR as a governor on sustained efforts. Given that its a supra threshold effort, I’m assuming my HR should settle in above threshold HR for most of the interval, but stabilize not too far above it?

Assuming a max HR of 201 and a threshold HR of 180. Should I be looking to keep it between 180 and 185 or so?



Out of interest Jonathan. How long is the hill you are planning to PB ? I assume this is why you are doing hill intervals? I am 2nd week in and have reduced the intensity on some of the tempo/sweet spot rides as I’m finding I’m a bit fatigued / tired.

Let your heart rate do what it is going to do and concentrate on going as hard as you can by feel USING

Supra-threshold power is 100-108% - that is going to be a better real time metric than heart rate.

Cry in the DoJO!

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Hey Sam, sorry I’m just now seeing this. The hill I’ve got in mind is Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO. It’s a 25-30 minute climb for me depending on how hard I’m going right now. That makes some of the interval training tough since the climb is so long. I hear you on the fatigue. I had at least one threshold interval session that I had to drop to sweet spot as I simply didn’t have the goods on the day (or at least the mental fortitude lol) But doing the Supra threshold efforts during my current recovery week I can see the gains happening. I put out my best 5 minute and 10 minute power of the year on Tuesday - on the flat, not even on my climb, and felt strong doing it. Then turned around and put out my second best 10 minute and 60 minute power on my sweet spot ride the next day - also on the flat. So listen to your body, stick with it and FtfP!