Having issues getting going again

So after BWR was over, I took an easy week comprising of a 1 hr sweet-spot oriented workout and a 4 hour chill ride on the weekend. But during that 4 hr ride, I ran into some kind of “wall” (not bonking… more like mental exhaustion I’d say) where I struggled to make Z2 power and managed to hurt something in my hip and hamstring. Now almost 3 weeks later, the healing is very slow and thinking of cycling burns me out. It’s just as well I’m off the bike now with the fires and my 3 gravel races completed. But I was hoping to springboard into Sweet Spot part 4, Mammoth Tuff, and then get off the bike voluntarily.

Tell me it’s going to be ok.

Finding that motivation after a big season can be hard, so I can promise you that you aren’t alone.

I’d say take a week completely off and give your mind and body time to recover and then try doing something different. Maybe some CX, MTBing or road riding. Training for the same thing year round can be hard, so changing it up always helps. Great thing about SS part 4 is that it’s flexible and will allow you to do that.

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