Have Sweetspot in my cart but might not be able to FtFP

Hello new here and interested in trying your SweetSpot program but not sure I can follow as prescribed.
The reason is 12 hour shifts and travel. I work blocks of 12 hour shifts a mix of days and nights usually in blocks of 4 with 4 days off. I work as a Custody Paramedic and cover a large area as an example my journey to and from work today is a round trip of 140 miles.
I can usually fit in training before night shifts but after day shifts dinner, a story for my 5 year old daughter, bath and sleep is about all I can fit in.
I was looking at Sweetspot at intermediate level but wondering how easy it would be to adapt it to fit with shift work.
Equipment wise I have a power meter on my road bike when out riding and at home use Minoura Rollers with a Track Bike that also has a power meter. I can select the appropriate gear ratio and do intervals at a set wattage and Remove the belt to the magnetic resistance unit to ride as just rollers for recovery between intervals.
If I purchase the program would I be able to get advice on adapting the program to fit with shift pattern on the FasCat Athlete’s Private Forum?

Hi @matthew.j.howitt - all of our plans editable in TrainingPeaks with a simple left click drag n drop to customize it to your work shedule.

You may also want to consider out coaching options but the plans are certainly as low risk way to start sweet spottin’!

Re: advice - we try to support all the athletes here as best we can in a broad sense. It sounds like the answer would warrant us looking at how your schedule overlaps with the plan and that is definitely a coaching question.

To get your questions answered best you may want to choose a coaching subscription or you may even want a custom plan, both of which are possible here:

and here by hiring a coach:

Thanks for the answer Frank. Unfortunately my wife would divorce me if I went for the coaching option. I have just purchased Sweetspot 1 Intermediate. I will make a stab at adjusting it to fit my ever changing schedule. I haven’t purchased Sweetspot 2 yet as might jump to advanced as I can get plenty of volume when I’m not working.


Hello again Frank.
I have uploaded everything to Training Peaks and overlayed my shifts on to the calendar and think it’s just about doable.
I have had to juggle week 3 so that the Rest Day is Thursday the long Sweetspot ride is the Friday and the two Zone 2 rides are Saturday and Sunday.
Rather than a 1 hour and 2.5 hour zone 2 ride at that weekend would it be ok to do two 1:45hr zone 2 rides.
I know changing any program is not ideal but this is the only way I can see me getting the hours and TSS for week 3 all the other weeks work out pretty well with a couple of swaps of Saturday and Sunday rides.

That’s awesome @matthew.j.howitt - try to follow the plan as best as you can and I think what you propose will work (2 x 1.75 hour rides)

If you stay consistent over the course of 6 weeks, recover well, win in the kitchen, I know you will improve. Improving is all about consistency over time.

Keep us posted with your progress!