Haute Route vs Stage Race vs Haute Route Rockies plans

How do these plan differ? Can I assume the two Haute Route plans don’t the higher intensities but are more of a focus on long efforts and bigger TSS?

@humunuku Correct. Both Haute Route plans aim at longer sustained climbing efforts to simulate the climb focused courses you will have to ride. The two Haute Route plans are very similar but the Rockies plan of course includes the race dates as its a race specific plan, plus advise on the stages.
Then The Stage Race intervals plan is a plan that targets more V02 work, TT work, and then steady efforts. This is so the athlete can be prepared for the Crit, Road race, and TT.

So it all just depends on where you want you focus to be.


Jon - do you want an HR plan or a plan for a stage race race. The stage race plan is #legit as Coach @Isaiah says

I’m planning on a 7 day Haute Route and a 3 day…But, with all my ultra endurance racing background, I kinda feel like my top end is all but disappeared. Was kinda thinking the Stage race plan may check both boxes for me. Changes in pace (ie attacks) on hard climbs work me over…if the pace is steady, I’m good.

I gotcha - yes, you are thinking along the right lines: stage race plan for the high end

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