Haute Route hangover

Y’all put out recommended CTL guidelines base on a racers age, which I’m assuming is set up for one day events. How does that change for multi-day events such as a 3 day HR, or 7 day HR? The recent HR in Asheville I had an upper 300 tss day one, then a lower 300s tss day two, then 80 on day 3 (TT). I felt good enough during the event, but the week after I’ve been pretty cooked…so I’m guessing my CTL needed to be quite a bit higher to deal with the higher than normal tss load. ( I’m almost 47, and had a CTL in the mid 80s going into the event, which is lower than I wanted, but travel got in the way of training).

Any rule of thumb for future 700 tss weekends?

Frank :(good meeting you!) how long did your recovery take?

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Oh, and I did do the 18 weeks of sweet spot earlier this year that definitely gave me a super solid base to work from…stoked on that. That plan works great!

Thanks for any guidance


Great to meet you to Jon - you crushed it!! Seriously, you rode hella strong and I took satisfaction knowing it was all your sweet spot training when you dropped me!!

CTL recommendations are similar for 3 day stage races. A 7 day Haute Route will require a higher peak CTL 2-3 weeks prior.

To prepare for 700 TSS weekend or stage race you simply ‘do’ 700 TSS weekends in your training :leopard:

You might start with 400 and apply a progressive overload to 500> 600 and finally 700 :white_check_mark:

It’s hard no doubt but spread out over 3 days that’s 233.3 per day - sounds like a personal mini training camp to me!

Also don’t forget your threshold work for the timed segments.

I felt ok by Thursday and rode short and easy but then Friday was garbage in the bike. Almost back to normal today.

A bolus dose of TSS takes about 4-7 days to recover from!