Haute Route discount + Ask Coach Frank anything

Hey everyone - I am an haute Route ambassador for the third year in a row - ask me anything! I also have a 10% discount code for anyone that wants to register.

Training for, what’s the race like, logistics, what to expect - anything , I’m happy to share.

I’ve raced Asheville, San Francisco, the Rockies and next year [2020] the 3 day event in Boulder, CO.

Here’s a video recap Jackson and I did from Asheville this past year


Hey there Coach Frank. I’m thinking of diving in head first and trying one of the 7-day events - probably the Alps in 2020. Was the Rockies event you did a 7-day? Any tips for the logistics of it? This will be my first Haute Route, so I really don’t have a sense of how much I’m responsible for.

I’m planning on doing GFNY as a warmup in the spring and then build all summer to get ready for it. Definitely going the biggest thing I’ve done, but I’m eager to give it a go.

How would I go about using your 10% discount code?

I really enjoyed your HR Asheville videos from last spring. They definitely helped pique my interest in riding Asheville in 2020. Just wondering if you can tell me how I’d go about getting your 10% discount code. Thanks

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Same question to the above post.

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Hi you guys - please email me, we are not supposed to post the code publicly. @jyaeso - I just sent you the code!

Be sure to watch this Asheville video recap

Hi Coach Frank,

I am contemplating entering Asheville 2020 and would like your take on the feel of the race. I saw your video and I know the Asheville area, but I am hesitant to jump in given the high entry fee and the race format -timed segments rather than a traditional finish line event. I get why they do it this way - safety and traffic control; but the race takes on a totally different feel than a typical point to point race. I did Asheville Gran Fondo this past summer and found it to be boring when not riding in a timed segment - the riding was super slow. I was wondering if the HR format has a similiar feel to the GF? The HR seems like a pricier version of the GF but over three days. Perhaps I should view it as hard training in the mountains for an A race later on in the summer? I am planning to do SBT GRVL again and this will be my A event for the year.


Ah, this is where you chat with your fellow riders and enjoy their company. The Haute Route is not about groveling in the gutter all day - its about riding with fun people, making new friends but then going hard up a timed segment and then high five’ing and sharing stories at the aid stations and then on the road while you are not riding hard nor going hard.

Change your mindset from racing to challenging yourself in a different way - I bet you will enjoy it!

Christian, one way you can get a feel for the tempo of the event is to check out the race results. It will give you an idea of the total length of time that is included in timed segments for each stage. Then you would be able to judge how much of an 80-100 mile stage is full-gas racing. Look here for the results of 2018 Haute Route Asheville. While 2019 courses and segments are not yet announced, this will give you an idea.

Thanks Guys! I appreciate your insights and will apply a paradigm shift to my competitive mindset.

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FYI re: Asheville:

" Asheville 2020

Sorry this event has ended. Registrations are now closed. If you have any question please contact contact.northamerica@hauteroute.org"

Yea sad… a bummer for sure. Best get your gravel bike shined up !

Clarification of the above. Does this mean Asheville has been canceled? Or registration is closed?

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Jenner, both HR Asheville and HR Boulder have been cancelled for 2020. If you already registered, likely you should have gotten a call from them on Thursday or Friday of last week.

Bummer!!! We haven’t received a call or an email. Hmmmmmm That’s a big curve ball in the ATP.

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I did Haute Route Alpe d’Heuz last year. Super fun, they do it right. Highly recommend trying one of their events if you have the chance.

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Are HR getting cancelled something that happens sometimes or is this new? I’d been considering Asheville as one to target in 2021

I don’t think it will come back, sorry, but you never know -

Hi Frank, I am just thinking of signing up for Haute Route Dolomites. I will probably have many questions in the coming months. I run a 52-36 chain ring and 11-28 cassette and I know every rider is different but what would be the norm for the Dolomites terrain, I have never cycled in that area before.
Also I would be definitely interested in the discount code.

Hi @doniekelleher - I recommend at least a compact chain ring setup: 50x34 and a rear cassette with a 32. A 34t is even better.

When you are doing your intervals from your plan do them uphill and see how this gearing works for you.

Good luck!!

Thanks Frank.
Could you tell me how do we avail of the discount code.